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Faye Henry Playing in Memphis Gong Chamber

Events are listed below by date for 2023

On going all the time.

Sonic Massage Sessions and other informative videos at


Thru the years I have learned that our energy field benefits from a frequent balancing and harmonizing. I have learned to do this in many ways with dowsing, intention, attenntion and energy. I have never found a more beneficial way than the gongs to do an energy session.

 Experience the relaxation and stress reduction of a sonic massage at ANY time, 24/7 around the world in your own home via my internet tv channel. Try it FREE for 3 days, then only $20 a month and the whole family can participate. My favorite time to listen is as you drift off to sleep. And if you are asleep after 5 minutes, that is ok, you still get the vibrations and benefit. Just sleep like a baby and enjoy! Almost guaranteed to improve your sleep quality.    


What do people say about their gong experiences:

* Your gongs really moved my energy this time particularly and I believe was the catalyst for a major release and shifting that I experienced!  

* I slept like a baby for 8 hours last night after your gong session. It has been years since I have selpt more that 4 hours at a time! Thankyou!

* My pain is completely gone.

* I want to live again!

* I had the most amazing experience as I listened to your gongs. It was as if I was floating thru the universe. Weightless, energized and alive! This left my body feeling better than it has in years. Thank you so much for you and your beautiful gongs.

* After a couple of gong sessions I had no desire to do drugs, I clearly see what I have been doing to myself and those that love me.


on going

Available on line at




March 19th, 2024

Summerville, Ga

Wellness B&B

Sonic Massage by Faye

Aura Photography with Report

Far Infrared Sauna

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

Participate in one or all events. Choose your own times.
Details here  

April 5-9 2024
Gongs and Full Totality Eclipse
Jasper, Arkansas
Strickly limited to 6 participants. 
Full details and registration.

On Going

The Art of Being
1.5 hours in length

The art of being is a practice Faye developed, utilizing all the knowledge she has learned over the years. She uses wisdom learned in working with Quantum Touch, Shamanism, Sound Healing,
and dowsing skills taught by Raymon Grace,
Using this technique she has seen a frozen shoulder healed in 45 minutes!
She has been teaching for a number of years now.
Invest in learning more about yourself and the powers you have within yourself
that you may not be currently aware of
or using to your fullest ability.
At the end of the webinar, you will know how to do this yourself.

Followed by a 30 minute Sonic Massage with Gongs played by Faye

Available onwww.TsVibes.tv


NEW! Sonic Massage in the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

As seen on Netflix 's The World's Most Axazing Vacation Rentals, Bizarre B&Bs Episode.


Custom booking just for you.

Check out this incredible Lodge here.

Sonic Massage Sessions are now available on limited dates when you book your retreat at the Cave House.
Cost is additional. Select your dates, then contact me for availability and price for your private sessions in the Cave House.

For more info on the sessions.




Cancellation Policy Sonic Massage:

If for some reason you cannot attend your session after reserving, please notify us promptly so we can fill the space. You can reschedule for a session held within 6 months of the original session date IF you cancel at least 7 days prior to the session.

If you do not contact us at least 7 days prior to the event, your money is used for travel cost and no credit is issued for future sessions.

If for some reason, we cannot perform the session, we will notify you as soon as possible and give you a choice of a full refund or to reschedule at a later date. Your space is not reserved until it is paid and we operate on a first come first serve basis.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your session begins. Once everyone is settled and the gongs begin, it is very distruptive to have people come in late. No refund is made if you miss your session.