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About Touchstone Vibrations

Created in 2006, Touchstone Vibrations is based in the foothills of Northwest Georgia, in a little community called Armuchee. We believe that your attention and your intention are powerful creation tools that you use daily.

We encourage you to set an intention each day for what you want to have happen in that day, and focus you attention on the completion of that goal, never wavering from that view.

We encounter challenges during the day and if our attention moves to seeing a different outcome because our mind cannot understand how the original goal can happen, then it usually does not. If you just stay focused and watch events unfold to bring you that original intent, it is often a very pleasant and amazing process that brings your original intent into being.

We feel that music, and especially the sound and vibration of the gong is a powerful tool to be used for clearing energy fields, increasing your auric field and allowing the body to shift to a place of health and prosperity in all avenues of life.

We are honored you have come to visit out site and hope you will return often to see what we have on the calendar to share with you.

We play and sell Paiste Gongs, Freenotes, and crystal singing bowls.

We also do video production and cd and dvd duplication, so if you have a video or audio project, give us a call.

If you want to see some of our work, visit the site of international dowser, Raymon Grace. We do his video duplication and web sites.

Touchstone Vibrations
795 Barnesville Road
Armuchee, Ga 30105